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Elegant Colors

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Extravagant Creations Full of Flavor for Any Occasion

Enjoy gourmet yet healthy cuisine! Dubbz seasonal menus, personal chef services, and luxurious fine dining can all be experienced in the comfort of your own home. 

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Private Dining

Private Dining w/ Chef PDubb

Chef PDubb does his best to establish the mood for the dinner. We do everything in our power to help bring the kitchen & restaurant atmosphere to your home. You deserve to enjoy the fine dining experience in the comfort of your place of residence. WE OFFER PRIVATE BREAKFAST, BRUNCH, & LUNCH AS WELL! Contact us now at or 469-408-3291 for a free quote.

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Guaranteed Freshness. Flavorful Creactions. Healthy Ingredients. Our game face is always on to ensure that the passion for creating is experienced through every bite. Our creations are meant to be beneficial to your specific needs. 

PDubbz BBQ

In need of some smoked meats? Indulge in that smokey sensation you desire as you devour a side of Dubbz four cheese mac & baked beans! Don’t miss out! Book with us, no one does it better!!

Real Reviews

PDubbz Catering has been apart of our events for awhile. PDubb provides a professional presentation and tasteful entrees for on the go and even for formal dining. The communication is smooth and he always provides great customer service and a welcoming energy to help us provide a vibe at all of our events. Thank you for everything!


The meal preps you gave me tasted great and was at a great price! Definitely recommend! 

Charles Brakes of Shop CB3

Probably the 3rd or 4th plate I’ve had from you and never was I disappointed! You put true creativity and passion into everything you do and it shows. Without a doubt worth it every time! 

Brandon Vega “The Marketing Guru”

Hello , I recently have experienced PDubbz catering back in November. Let me start off by saying quality of the food is amazing and so flavorful. The chef is very passionate about the customers experience, the taste and presentation of his dishes. The area he was vending was kept clean and organized. The range of dishes he offers varies but all flows with his signature style. He also offers a variety of services to accommodate his customers experience based on their needs. I am def a supporter! 

Mekayla Lowe

I first met Chef Dubb at an event at IK Studios. He was making his famous brisket quesadillas. It wasn’t an ordinary quesadilla. He used some secret sauce that it can’t be served without. I’m always thinking of it. I drove an hour to get it one time. I also love his shrimp , broccoli and cheese Cajun baked potato. My family is from Louisiana so I love Cajun food. It is loaded with meat and cheese and veggies. It was so big I ate half for lunch and half for dinner. Lastly, on Valentine’s Day my boyfriend hired him to cook for us at our home. I was so surprised when I came home and smelled him cooking in the kitchen. It was the best meal I had yet! He served lamb chops (which I never had before), potatoes and asparagus. The lamb chops were tender and juicy and made a sauce to top the potatoes which was crazy Amazing. I had lamb chops at a restaurant after and it didn’t come close to Dubbs. He’s also always there when I need him and loves to come to your home to cook or cater a big party. Whatever you need, He’s your guy!

Donna Blow

I really appreciate you always doing punctual business and providing an amazing experience anytime I purchase a dish! But that LAST one bro I ain’t NEVER had no food like that!! The combination of seasonings was CRAZY! Everything was hot, tender, and tasted amazing!! I need another plate ASAP! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🔥🔥🔥

Ceven Imperial